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Why I have a problem with the "you are what the white man sees you as" argument towards mixed race people


This argument is usually used as a reason for why mixed with black people should identify solely as black. Because apparently every mixed with black person has the physical appearance of someone who is black.

What about white-passing people who would feel like solely…

seriously tho
If you are mixed and “white passing” identifying as black you get the “but you don’t even look black, you can’t claim it when your experience isn’t as such” when you claim the white part it’s ” because you are ashamed of this part of you, but you’ll always be black” if you clame both you get both shitty claims that you are “misplaced”, it like at the end they can’t know what they have to do with themselfs.
I personally am far from white passing, but when i see some reactions to white passing people, i just feel like whatever they do, they cannot satisfy anyone. So do you shit! whatever ANYONE sees you at. Be yourself and how your parents culturaly raised you. 

And as all decent human beings should, recognize which priviledge you are born with (depending of where you live, yeah cause that plays a role), and don’t be an asshole. 

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